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A Festival Of Colours - Embrace This Season’s Finest Eyewear.

A Festival Of Colours - Embrace This Season’s Finest Eyewear.

The sound of a crackling bonfire, nature presenting most elegant colors, and the cool, crisp breeze that makes you long for your favorite sweater - that’s the oncoming of fall. Get ready to ace the season's trends with our new collection - Fall Fest ’19.

Inspired by nature’s palette, Fall Fest ’19 features a wide range of eyeglasses. From earthy tones to fresh greens, in newer, quirkier shapes, you are sure to find a style that speaks character, elegance, and autumn.

We’ve listed below the most styles and premium quality pieces that will carry you through the new season.


Speckled Tortoise- 

We revamped the traditional tortoise pattern and gave it a fun twist, with feminine and edges, that put your eyes front and These elegant cat-eye frames are all you need to make your style shine in months.

Foresty Green-  

Combining the essential browns and beiges with brighter shades like green is a sure way to look chic this season. The earthy tones of these round frames make them a must for fall, but the classic shape gives it a timeless appeal.

Impactful Brow-Bar- 

Would you describe yourself as new-age and bold? In that case, partnering your ensemble with a textured frame that boasts of an impactful brow-bar should be your way-to-go. The intense hues will give your outfit a dramatic punch, making your eyes the of everyone’s attention.

With John Jacobs’ Fall Fest ’19, be sure to find a pair of frames that are meant for your eyes. Fall is here. Where are you?


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