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A Clear View Even In The Sun - Introducing Prescription Sunnies!

A Clear View Even In The Sun - Introducing Prescription Sunnies!



Remember the hassle of always having to switch between eyeglasses and sunglasses while stepping out in the sun? Well, now you don’t have to worry about it. Introducing our classy & peppy range of Prescription Sunnies.

It’s the season for frolicking around carefree while soaking up the sun with our favourite sunnies from the collection.


Earthy Browns -

Meet the first rays of the spring sun with these classic and earthy tints. Fit for the minimalists and the trendsetters, these cat-eye sunnies, in a new, refined shape, are making the waves this year. Pair them with your everyday wardrobe and add a touch of glam to them.


Refreshing Greens -

One of our best-selling metal designs that boast of an impactful tortoise brow-bar, these sunnies are a true game-changer in fashion. You’ll want to hold on to them for years to come. Take them to your beach vacay and set the mood sizzling.



Sweet Oranges -

Adding sunglasses to your style statement can do wonders, especially when you add these wayfarer sunnies. Combined with a dapper double-bridge and the sweet sunset coloured tints, they are the perfect choice for acing that chic city look.



Get ready to frolick fashionably while seeing clearly with Prescription Sunglasses from John Jacobs. Find a pair that matches your style and re-define your style for the season.


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