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3 Things About TR-90 Frames That Will Change The Way You See Eyeglasses.

3 Things About TR-90 Frames That Will Change The Way You See Eyeglasses.



TR-90 frames have changed the way people perceive eyeglasses. Made from a thermoplastic composition, these eyeglasses offer extreme comfort, thanks to the flexibility of this material. They can easily bend accordingly to your face shape and are resilient from ground impacts.  

Impact-Resistant - 

One of the best features of TR-90 frames is that they’re impact-resistant. If you're prone to dropping your eyeglasses quite often or accidentally sitting on them, this material minimizes the impact, and the frames take their original shape in no time.


Flexible & Feather-Light Feel - 

Another reason why TR-90 frames are gaining popularity is that they are lightweight and flexible and can easily contour to your face. Much lighter than other materials, the feather-light feel makes them comfortable, especially for everyday wear.


Multitude Of Colours - 

TR-90 frames come in exciting bright colours and attractive patterns on the temples to add to your fashion appeal and style. A perfect match for those who can't do without colours, these frames are it.


If you think TR-90 is the material for you, check out the TR Flex Collection from John Jacobs. Visit us and shop for essential prescription eyewear.

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