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3 Reasons Why Acetate Frames Are The Perfect Pick For You!

3 Reasons Why Acetate Frames Are The Perfect Pick For You!


Acetate frames have always been a popular trend in eyewear. It is a synthetic fibre derived from natural raw materials such as wood and cotton fibres. From being sturdy and temperature resistant to being available in playful colours, we list below 3 reasons why acetate frames are a must for every trendsetter. 

Colours & Textures - 

The beauty of acetate frames lies in its vibrant colourations and rich textures. Available in a multitude of designs and hues, their glossy finish and smooth feel make them ideal for those who love to add colour to their style.


Sturdy & Durable - 

One of the greatest advantages of acetate glasses is that it can withstand any amount of pressure and stress without losing its elasticity. The cellulose acetate is made up of tough fibres that are strong and hard to break, which allows them to last longer.


Allergen-Free - 

Acetate frames do not consist of any type of artificial agents that can otherwise cause skin allergies or even minor rashes. If you're someone with sensitive skin, these frames are ideal for you.


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