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Luxury eyewear labels have been ripping you off since decades.

Here's how: Majority of these labels are controlled by the same company. Moreover, due to middlemen at every single step of production, these labels add huge markups. Finally, the optical shop in your neighbourhood adds its own margins. All this leads to high-quality eyewear being sold at inflated prices.

John Jacobs changes this with clarity & #NoPretence.

Our manufacture-to-retail model cuts out the middlemen and brings you high-grade eyewear without the exorbitant fancy-label surcharge.

So if you love eyewear before the label and seek value over brand-logo validation, then you may love what we do. If you seek value in a heritage luxury label, that's okay too :)

But let's read between the lines of everyday life and celebrate #NoPretence. In a world full of greys, let's be Black and White.

John Jacobs.

Premium Eyewear. Honest Prices.


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