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Game of Frames

Game of Frames

Your favorite Game of Thrones characters in their John Jacobs eyewear avatar!

If the Westerosi wall fell down (hmm..about that though..) and their world came alive in the John Jacobs universe, what would it be like (besides being freezing cold, basically)? In an attempt to break down some of our coolest eyewear to you, we take you to a beautiful place where your favourite Game of Thrones characters are John Jacobs eyewear collections.

No spoilers and no Dothraki, we promise!

  1. Danearys Targaryen

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    The Mother of Dragons, the Queen of Mereen, the Unburnt, Khaleesi, the….well, you catch the drift. If there is a  range which truly mirrors Danearys in all her glory, it is our Lightweight collection. Unbreakable, simply stunning and a force to be reckoned with, the lightweight collection remains undefeated in its versatility. Wear them with pride. After all, the dragons are watching over you!

  2. Jon Snow

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    Much like Jon Snow’s Targaryen and Stark lineage, the stainless steel comes from two families of metals- steel & chromium. Our stainless steel eyewear exhibits the strength and durability only matched by Valyrian steel and the drop-dead good looks of the King in the North himself. And they know a lot more than the Lord Commander; definitely a thing or two about great style!

  3. Tyrion Lannister

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    Every epicurean’s delight, our Tortoise coloured collection comes closest to being like the Hand of the Queen, Tyrion Lannister. Don’t go only by its looks! The tortoise style is not just fun and games but means real business. The collection is crafted from Italian Acetate, which makes it super comfortable and harmless to the environment and all that while being the life of the party, much like Tyrion.

  4. Arya Stark

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    The absolute fire cracker of a character, Arya Stark truly embodies our cat eye frames. Fashion demi-gods salute the power of cat-eyed frames, the shape that challenges the status quo. The cat eye has many faces, the over-sized, the quaint cat eye, the dark and the multi-coloured, the cat eye announces trouble! Not everyone’s cup of tea but probably that of the bravest.

  5. Jaime Lannister

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    The prince charming of Casterly Rock, Jaime Lannister is capable of pure badassery and sheer goodwill, all while keeping it cool under pressure! Our range of aviators (hey there, good lookin’!) are as cool as cucumbers and Ser Jaime Lannister. A permutation of colours and materials means you will be constantly seeing new-er sides to our aviator frames each time you pick a pair or two!

Disclaimer: This blog is a light take on Game of Thrones by its fans. In no manner does the production house of the show (HBO) or the personalities mentioned above endorse our brand or its products.

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