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4 Pop Culture Characters You Can’t Imagine Without Eyewear!

4 Pop Culture Characters You Can’t Imagine Without Eyewear!

There is always that one TV show or movie that you can watch anytime. And there is that one character that you idolize and adore. Popular fictional characters have a way of influencing our choices - from the way they dress to their catchphrases.

The eyewear you wear can say a lot about your personality. While some characters became popular for their fashion choices or dialogues, some made eyewear look cool and fashionable.

We've listed below the top 4 iconic characters that wouldn't be the same without their eyewear.

Walter White-

The character of Walter White proved to be the ultimate bad boy of TV. His wardrobe had some telling signs that fit his personality quite well - the eyeglasses he donned being one of them. The thin metal rectangular glasses added the seriousness that this character required. Find a similar style from our Supreme Steel Collection.


Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man-

This character needs no introduction. Even if you’re not a Marvel fan, you cannot escape the charm that’s Robert Downey Junior in the Iron Man series. His genius superhero mind, coupled with his sarcastic humour, made him the biggest icon of all times. For those of you who love this character, we have found the ideal pair of eyeglasses, inspired by his iconic sunglasses, from our Classic Duet Collection.

Pete "Maverick" Mitchell-

The first thing that comes to our mind when we hear Topgun is the aviator style sunglasses. Tom Cruise’s character - Pete in the movie, made the aviator style what it is today. The character changed the way people looked at sunglasses, especially men, and made them a must-have fashion accessory. Find similar aviator styles from our JJ Tints Collection.

Harry Potter-

The series not only made us all want to go to Hogwarts but also made round glasses synonymous with nerds. Can you even think of Harry Potter without imagining him in his round wireframe glasses? We don’t think so. If you’d like to adopt a similar vibe, then these rounds from our Metalworks Collection would be perfect for you.

No matter who is your favourite character, at John Jacobs, be assured to find their iconic style and show off your craze.



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